What surprises me most about butterflies, is the violent, but beautiful process by wich these insects manage to achieve IMAGO or the butterfly's adult stage.

This is the direct inspiration for IMAGO, KA's last collection.

The IMAGO process starts when, while preparing for the transformation phase, the caterpillar accumulates large amounts of food until being satisfied, so that under its new chrysalis form is immobilized and adhered to a branch. During this "lethal indigestion" the Chrysalis will consume itself from the inside

The "imaginal cells", those that lay inert during the caterpillar stage, will begin to sprout containing the butterfly genetic information, and due to the unrecognition of the Caterpillar's inmune system, this cells will be under attack, but the change already started, and this battle is the turning point where the caterpillar's die and a butterfly is born.

As has been written, "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly."