Our workshop

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Hello, first of all thank you very much! , I assume that If you arrived here is because, at least you took some of your time to see my work and now want to know a little more about me.

My name is Catalina; I'm a Jeweller 

After many years of living and working in Montreal, Canada, in a 9 to 5 environment, due to personal reasons, I decided to take a break, sell everything: my belongings, my car, etc. and return to my birthplace: Medellin, Colombia.

While there, having left everything behind, living again with my parents and with a lot of doubts about my future, it occurred to me that the best idea (against all rational thought) would be to ask a well-known jeweller in town, if he could take me as an apprentice... and against all odds, he accepted! 

Very slowly, step-by-step, I started to realize, not only that there was potential in me, but also that my newfound love for this craft was more than a hobby, so the torch, the hammer and the saw, became my new tools to earn a living.

Liberated, recharged and having discovered the blossoming of my hidden abilities, I decided return to Montreal and continue to develop myself, studying in different schools and working in various workshops with wonderful people.

All days I continue growing and learning

Ka joaillerie is the best way; the most honest expression to touch you in some way with what I do. Thanks you for being with me in this exciting experience; it's a great privilege that you give me your time

Thank you for believing in my work!


TEL +1 514 559 5343
Email info@kajoillerie.com